Last rose of summer

夏日玫瑰 'Tis the last rose of summer,
独自芬芳 Left blooming alone;
亲爱伙伴 All her lovely companions
皆已凋亡 Are faded and gone;
同类花蕾 No flower of her kindred,
不复在旁 No rosebud is nigh,
映照赧颜 To reflect back her blushes,
回应忧伤 Or give sigh for sigh.

不忍遗汝 I'll not leave thee, thou lone one!
寂寞枯黄 To pine on the stem;
同伴既睡 Since the lovely are sleeping,
汝亦安详 Go, sleep thou with them.
取汝枝叶 Thus kindly I scatter,
散诸花床 Thy leaves o'er the bed,
同园伴侣 Where thy mates of the garden
香消此乡 Lie scentless and dead.

友情既逝 So soon may I follow,
我亦前往 When friendships decay,
爱人指环 And from Love's shining circle
宝石无光 The gems drop away.
真心枯萎 When true hearts lie withered,
柔情失丧 And fond ones are flown,
何余世間 Oh! who would inhabit
饱尝凄凉 This bleak world alone?